Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Reasons For Distributed Wind and Solar

My last post sent me looking for more information on grid security. This post by Amory Lovins turned up -  “Does a Big Economy Need Big Power Plants?” A quote – “Moreover, the 2008 Defense Science Board report “More Fight, Less Fuel” advised U.S. military bases to make their own power onsite, preferably from renewables, because the grid is vulnerable to long and vast disruptions.”

It looks like the military is serious about addressing grid security issues, and about developing micro grids- judging from this post on smartgridnews. In fact, smartgridnews has numerous articles about grid security. There are a number of articles there about enhancing grid security from low tech threats, like this. Or the problem of just seven bullets- one - on an actual recent substation attack, or another about foreign armies using cyber-attacks. 

The utilities have got our backs, and are addressing these issues…Right? 

Here’s another from that website - “Utilities to FERC: We don't need your security measures, but thanks”. Less than 25% of investor owned utilities have adopted FERC security recommendations. The coops and munis are doing better, but less than 50% have complied. Most of these links deal with malice, but let’s not forget about equipment failures and Mother Nature.    

Have you ordered your solar panels and batteries yet?

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