Friday, August 2, 2013

Zombies, Distributed Generation, and Climate Policy

Since the blog seems to be on summer vacation, I’m trying to be more entertaining , and less wonky.  I’m a big fan of distributed scale renewables and microgrids. I’ve previously cited economic opportunities, increased grid resiliency, climate change, and environmental protections as reasons to go small with renewables. However, I had not considered perhaps the most important reason of all. According to Leia Guccione & James Sherwood @, “the most compelling reason to invest in microgrids: to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.” Enjoy their light-hearted discussion of the serious subject of microgirds and small scale renewables -  Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: Are Microgrids Our Only Chance?  As the authors note, “Scoff at your own peril”.
According to, Some Iowans might already be infected.  The tone of this article is kind of disappointing though. It seems the climate hawks are displaying some zombie-like tendencies of their own. Climate hawks have been using the same messaging for several years, but haven’t built much public support for climate policy. Yet they stay the course, hoping for different results.  The author connects the dots that the opinions of some of the folks mentioned in this article are likely the position of their campaign funders as much as the candidates themselves, and also that public opinion is swayed by the deep pockets of vested interests who make lots of $ under the current system.  But both sides of this debate seem unwilling to compromise and start discussing policies that the public actually likes and that help lower co2 emissions. When policy makers and advocates start talking about things like locally owned renewables and full campaign funding disclosures, then maybe we can be assured that they aren’t roaming the streets looking for brains.

Otherwise, maybe we should start saving up for our own microgrids.      

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