Thursday, March 30, 2017

MidAmerican Wind Property Tax Update

 I did send a lot of the  MEC Wind information posted on this blog to the state department of revenue - property tax department (DOR) late last summer. After hearing no response. I then reached out to the Department of Management (DOM) for information in December.  The staff person that replied asked for a list of questions. I sent the admittedly long list of questions below. I then received a reply that most of these questions dealt with items that DOR was responsible for, and that the DOM staff person would reach out to DOR to coordinate a response or schedule a meeting.

A few days later, I received a unscheduled, less than civil phone call ( this is an extremely generous description on my part) from the DOR property tax department.  There were several points of disagreement between the caller and myself, so once again, I asked for them to respond to my question list below in writing.  I then emailed them a summary of the phone conversation. I'm still waiting for an on the record response. 

Pretty much from the start of my research here, I've found several state and county officials contacted about this issue less than cooperative, and reluctant to go on the record regarding it. That said,  I'm certainly willing to discuss with them in in more detail in order to shed further light on this. Who knows, if these folks would simply meet and be more forth coming with information, it might clear up a lot of the discrepancies that I've listed here in previous posts. 

 I know the state and county employees responsible for these items are busy folks, but given the amount of inconsistencies here, i think it's important to address this.
So let's break down the question list while waiting for a response.       

1 - Utility replacement tax -  Local government and emails from a MidAmerican employee  confirm that the utility is reporting wind energy assets under the utility replacement tax instead of 427.B - SPECIAL VALUATION OF WIND ENERGY CONVERSION PROPERTY.
DOR was adamant during the recent phone call that this was not happening, despite the fact that an MEC employee has stated otherwise. and information was sent to them detailing this.  

A-    We already are familiar with calculating tax valuations using 427.B.  We would like to get the formula used to calculate the replacement tax for electric generation, transmission, and distribution. 
During the phone call, DOR declined to provide this information, citing Iowa code 437.A.  
Since the kilowatt hour generation totals of the utilitys wind projects were listed on their federal filings, I'm guessing all their assets kWH information are available federally, but it is confidential at DOR.  So, the public can't see if the information provided by the utility to DOR for tax purposes matches the federal numbers? This is ridiculous.  

B-    County government was unable to help us identify utility wind assets  in the replacement tax records available online. 
I was directed at an informal meeting with Webster county officials to contact DOR and DOM to get this information. So far, state officials haven't helped. 

C-    We would like assistance from the appropriate state agency to identify wind assets in the replacement tax records, and compare difference in valuations  if the assets were classified under 427.B.
See above.

D-    Who made the determination that Wind assets could be classified under the utility replacement tax? 
As noted above,  the DOR was unaware this was happening, so it seems the utility probably made this determination.    

E-     How does the utility report replacement tax to DOR, and what methods does DOR use to verify those reports? 

  Is the utility self reporting it's replacement tax filings to DOR as it seems to be doing with its county wind property filings , and what, if any, methods are in place for DOR to to verify those submittals? 

2 -  Clear description of state level and  county level responsibilities  in determining wind property valuations.

                A - County officials have told us that Department of Revenue does not allow wind valuations to be contested, while DOR explained to me previously that wind valuations are determined at the county level, and DOR only offers guidance. Please clarify state and county responsibilities for wind valuations 
Still waiting for the response.

                B -  What are the discovery methods for schools , interested tax payers, etc. to determine if wind energy valuations are properly calculated?  
Given the difficulties I have encountered, I'd say there's room for improvement here.   

                C -  transparency – I had to hire an attorney to access property tax filings by the wind farm owner in Pocahontas county. Please verify that these are public records. 
No response yet.  

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