Monday, April 29, 2013

Colorado Legislators Strengthen Renewable Policy

More links today. While Iowa is on track to do nothing for distributed renewables this year, Colorado legislators bucked heavy utility opposition and strengthened their state clean energy standard. It looks like Minnesota will do the same. Hey Iowa senators, just because there is a lot of installed wind in Iowa (quite a bit of it serving renewable mandates in other states), doesn’t mean you’re leading in in renewable policy. 

Reader question- Can anyone supply me with figures showing how much of Iowa’s wind energy is exported and how much serves in state electrical load?   

Cool tech link – new solar design ups PV output by capturing waste heat for water.

Cool policy link – Germans pay about the same per month for electricity as U.S. citizens. Craig Morris has been writing some excellent articles on renewables.
Germany - 25% renewable energy – U.S. – 4% renewables.

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